Fanatismo informatico (parte 2)

A proposito di flame wars su Stallman e GPL, ecco una bella licenza che potreste usare. Sì lo so, è quasi come la BSD. Appunto, meglio la BSD della GPL, imho.

Wide Open License

Bella la spiegazione che da su perché questa licenza (o BSD) invece della GPL:

In contrast to many other free/open software licenses, the WOL doesn't burden users. Specifically, the WOL doesn't require users to make any derived or associated source code available to others. "Heresy!" you say. Well, maybe. But why make software "free" by enslaving users? What kindda freedom is that?!

In the commercial world, many of us simply don't have the time or the inclination to make our source code publicly available. We don't need the hassle. And frankly, that's part of why we've been reluctant to use open-source software in the past. The very real cost that the GPL license imposes in this way often turns what was ostensibly "free software" into "prohibitively expensive software" which we simply can't use.

 La GPL è per i ricchi, non per chi deve vivere e guadagnare il suo pane.

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